Wellness Journal Workshop with Leslie

Wellness Journal Workshop with Leslie

YOUR Wellness Journal Workshop Description:

As leaders, business owners, mothers and more we rarely stop to celebrate our accomplishments no matter what they are. This workshop will guide you on how to integrate this amazing habit into your daily, weekly, monthly routine that will guarantee to elevate your mood, self-esteem and how you see and recognize your accomplishments.  

Leslie created YOUR Wellness Journal to help guide you when things are challenging, and you are burnt out. Leslie has struggled with ADHD which can cause depression and anxiety. If you are amongst the population that has this, you know it can stifle your imagination and feel paralyzing. The Wellness journal was created to combat the tough times, to keep mood elevated and your mind on track. Thus, the daily prompts to ignite the imagination and spark your creativity. 

Your emotional health is so important and Leslie is excited to guide you on a positive habit that will elevate your soul and add value to your day! 


10:00 am 

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