Energy Healing: Safeguard your Energy

Energy Healing: Safeguard your Energy

Join Jackie Brown from Om Jackie to explore practical methods to safeguard your energy in everyday life. We'll discuss ways to cleanse your surroundings and ensure a restful night's sleep while also emphasizing that energy healing doesn't have to break the bank. Jackie will demonstrate how you can utilize everyday items you already possess to take care of yourself.

Jackie's yoga journey began as a personal quest for increased flexibility, but it quickly evolved into a powerful tool for stress management and a gateway to diverse forms of spirituality. During her journey, Jackie noticed that many people still feel intimidated by yoga. Her goal is to provide a solid foundation for your practice by making yoga accessible, integrating spiritual elements, and promoting self-awareness. She embarked on this path with a strong desire to master myself and understand energy. Jackie believes that reiki, in particular, should be available to those who need it most. It's disheartening to witness exorbitant prices for healing services. Jackie firmly believes that everyone seeking healing should have the opportunity to access it without barriers.


Time: 12:05 - 11:45 pm

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