Meet our Vendors: Casa Green

Meet our Vendors: Casa Green

🌿✨ Meet the Heart of Casa Green! ✨🌿

Plants & Refill Station.

We're thrilled to introduce the passionate team behind Casa Green! πŸ’š Embodying the essence of a small family business, this dedicated father-daughter duo, occasionally joined by a few extra family helpers, brings you the best of sustainable living.Β 

Meet Gabriel, our nurturing plant dad πŸͺ΄ He lovingly tends to our plants daily, creates bespoke soil blends, and crafts up-cycled wonders like rustic crates and shelves, infusing his heart and soul into every creation!

And then there's Gianna, our Eco Gal 🌎 Fueled by her passion, she introduced refill and low waste living options to Las Vegas. With her expertise as an herbalist and environmentalist, she enriches the Casa Green brand with wisdom and dedication.

Each member brings their unique expertise, but together, they curate a space that makes your Casa 🏑 Greener! Their true joy lies in connecting with you at markets, understanding your needs, and contributing to making homes and our planet a greener, more sustainable place. 🫢🏼πŸͺ΄πŸŒŽβœ¨

Casa Green will be at our vendor village on 11/12/23.Β 

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