Meet our Vendor: Lola + Mila

Meet our Vendor: Lola + Mila

Spotlight on: Mara Francesca and "Lola + Mila"

In October 2020, The Miracle Enterprise unveiled The Miracle Marketplace, a haven for esoteric products like candles, elixirs, smudge sprays, and accessories. This venture proudly collaborated with independent women business owners. In February 2021, The Miracle Enterprise LLC. took another leap by introducing their hemp-infused brand, Lola + Mila

The origin story of Lola + Mila is a heartfelt tale. Inspired by the CEO and creative mind, Mara Francesca's grandmother, Milagros Mercado, the brand name pays homage to her. Milagros, which translates to Miracle Market, became the source of inspiration. Mara's beloved grandmother was affectionately known as Mila. To creatively distinguish between these personas, Lola and Mila, the CEO ingeniously crafted a narrative. This brand, born out of gratitude to her guardian angel, stands as a testament to the reason Mara is living her American dream.

We are so excited that Mara Francesca will be offering tarot reading for visitors to her space at Wellness Weekend Markets on 11/12/23.


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