Meet Our Vendor: Constant RAHKNG Succulents

Meet Our Vendor: Constant RAHKNG Succulents

Constant RAHKNG (rockn') Succulents creates Living Succulent Art by combining handmade and re-purposed pottery with a variety of succulent plants.

The spark of inspiration for this business began with a personal collection of succulents. First one plant, then five, and after propagating and collecting; hundreds.

Change is constant which is demonstrated through the growth and new forms of a succulent plant. RAHKNG [rockn’] is an acronym of the founders initials. There plants are Constantly RAHKNG by uplifting our Spirit.

Visit Constant RAHKNG at our vendor village as they share creative designs using succulent plants combined with unique pottery either re-purposed or handmade. They hope that the succulent’s resiliency and beauty along with our designs inspire you to connect to Living Art and grow along side the succulent plants each day.


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