Meet Christine from Zeeta Body

Meet Christine from Zeeta Body

Danni and Angela sat down for a chat recently with Christine Frazzitta from Zeeta Body. 

We are both fans of Christine and of her products and we were excited to learn about her business and her wellness path.

What was your initial draw to the holistic wellness world?

"Since mixing up my first jar of all-natural oil in 2008, I have spent thousands of hours studying the healing benefits of essential oils and herbs. What I have learned is nothing short of life changing: nature has a great-smelling remedy for nearly every skin problem! From sun spots to sunburn, wrinkles to rashes, dry skin to sore muscles, essential oils hold the all-natural answers. When mixed with our signature blend of herb-infused base oils, the result is therapeutic-grade body and facial oils — with the added benefit of mind-healing, spirit-rejuvenating aromas."

What does your wellness path look like?

"Vast and ongoing, wellness is a lifestyle not a destination."

What are your favorite holistic wellness practices, habits, or lifestyle choices? 

"Staying consistent with my wellness routine, including my personal fitness practices of yoga, weight training, walking and hiking. Growing as much produce as I possibly can in my backyard garden."

What is your number 1 self care practice?

"Giving myself time to take care of my body and my mind."


What are you looking forward to trying, doing, experiencing at Wellness Weekend Markets on 11/12?

"#1 Meeting new people and seeing long time friends! #2 Learning from others. #3 Exploring other small businesses that I may not know about yet."

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