Meet Brianna from Brianna’s Body Butter

Meet Brianna from Brianna’s Body Butter

Danni and Angela sat down for a chat recently with Brianna Grantham from Brianna’s Body Butter. We are both fans of her products and we were excited to learn about her business and her wellness path.

What was your initial draw to the holistic wellness world?

"I first went vegan over 8 years ago and was relatively familiar with health and wellness as it was a big part of my family’s life. We were all very athletic and my dad took a particular interest in fitness and nutrition. I learned more about holistic wellness and medicine years into being vegan. I took a more alternative approach to wellness within the last few years. I was introduced to healing mental illness and trauma through food and alternative plant medicines (cannabis, CBD, ashwaganda, & other herbs) from mentors and other professionals who I had met over the years. I worked for a well known vegan chef for 4+ years and was introduced to a lot of these new things I hadn’t really been exposed to in my life prior. Now I study on my own learning more and more about the possibilities within health and wellness and how to treat common ailments and mental health disorders through holistic practices."

What does your wellness path look like?

"What I’m looking to get out of my wellness practices is more clarity about what I am meant to teach others. Meditation and journaling have been particularly helpful in gaining insight to what my body and mind need. Aligning my feelings and thoughts to my highest self. I’m always looking to improve my physical, mental, and spiritual health. This will be my story of strength, courage, and resilience."

What are your favorite holistic wellness practices, habits, or lifestyle choices? 

"My favorite wellness habits are exercise, reading & consistency in my routines (sleep, work & rest) these practices help me maintain a happy balanced life, to be productive and healthy."

What is your number 1 self care practice?

"My diet; eating healthy and nutritious food has always been my main priority when it comes to taking care of myself. It’s beneficial for mental, physical and spiritual well- being. Making myself a good homemade meal will always make me feel better."

If you could share something with your younger self, what would it be?

"You’ve always been on the right path and you’ve always know who you are, and that is very valuable."

What are you looking forward to trying, doing, experiencing at Wellness Weekend Markets on 11/12?

"The workshops! Last year I didn’t get a chance to see any other the classes as a vendor, but I will definitely be taking advantage of a few this year."

Tell us more about your journey. . .

"In 2016 I started working at a vegan cafe downtown called “Simply Pure.” I remember the first time I ever ate there I felt so connected to the owner/chef Stacey she had an incredible magnetic energy and I thought at the time I want to know whatever she knows. I later applied for a job there and was persistent about getting hired, I needed to work with her! So eventually I was hired and we naturally gravitated towards each other, in the later years I became manager and she was sort of a mother figure and mentor for me at a time in my life where I was really lost and looking for any guidance. She essentially changed my perspective on life and was the motivation in starting my own business and my spiritual journey. I was deeply inspired by someone who gave their passion every thing they had. The start of my business was at that very cafe and I sold my body butter on a shelf installed just for me. From there I was able to expand from there to markets and I quickly realized my potential and that’s how I became “Brianna’s Body Butter” nearly 5 years ago."

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