EDIT Meet Karina from Catalyst Tea Company

EDIT Meet Karina from Catalyst Tea Company

Danni and I recently sat down with Karina Stafford from Catalyst Tea Company to chat about tea and all things wellness :-)

Tell us about your brand:

Catalyst Tea Company is a local female-owned small business dedicated to helping people explore the world of loose-leaf herbal tea. We sell only high-quality, minimally processed, loose-leaf herbs and tea leaves; free of added flavors or preservatives. In addition to making our own proprietary blends, we also sell DIY at-home herbal tea blending kits, and regularly organize tea blending workshops for other members of the community to learn about the history, benefits and traditional uses of teas, herbs, and tea blending techniques.

What was your initial draw to the holistic wellness world?

We believe that the benefits of tea, both mental and physical, are most potent when only whole, pure ingredients are used. A tea or herbal infusion made three hundred years ago would be no different from that made with our products. All our tea blends, tisanes and DIY tea blending kits are organic, small batch and hand blended. We carefully select the ingredients and test the flavors ourselves. Only then do our best blends – our personal favourites – make it out there for everyone else to enjoy.

What holistic wellness practice, habit, lifestyle choice are you focusing on at the moment?

I enjoy my morning tea ritual, when I take a few quiet minutes for myself. First I start with choosing my mood for the day, then I pick a tea and brew it, in a meanwhile I am thinking of what I would like to bring into the day.


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